Friday, 26 October 2012

Not Another Travel Blogger

Giancarlo is a young traveler, writer, painter, freelance photographer and a registered nurse in the Philippines, who spends his free time trying to make life a little bit more interesting.

He had been living on his own after college, had tried so many jobs, had been writing petty novels, had been trying to develop role playing games, had been obsessing about wolves and so on...

Giancarlo dreams to travel the world just like everybody else. He wants to witness an actual bull fight in Spain; visit a historic vineyard in Italy; roam the romantic streets of Paris and Venice, explore the ancient temples in Thailand and Indonesia or the pyramids in Mexico and so much more.

"Life is a masterpiece"- some random quote that you'll get from his college yearbook space.

If you have any suggestions or if you would like to contact Giancarlo, you can simply leave a comment below or send an email to

Enjoy Reading!

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